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InfinityHello All!
It’s been awhile since I
have posted.  Too tell the truth,
I’ve just been enjoying the summer too much.
But here’s an image that I printed yesterday for
an art fair I will be in tomorrow .  And I want
to share its infinite joy…


Batik 21

Happy May Day!!!!

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blank slate
newfound fate
perfect state
no freight
Dream 21--sm

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During one of the recent presidential debates,
President Obama made a reference to ‘grace’
that has stuck with me. Something to the effect
that one of our goals in life is to get through it
with some grace. I couldn’t find the exact quote.
Through all the political commentary and exchanges
between the two candidates, that comment speaks
volumes about the man. For me, it symbolizes an
ideal that has gotten lost, but one that we need to
revitalize as a nation, as a people, and as individuals.

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Web of Love

Today I’m pleased to feature my image with words
by fellow blogger and close friend, Robyn Lee of Through The Healing Lens.
When I read her post Mandala of Her Mind last week, I was not only moved but
tickled by the fact that I had just taken a photograph that I felt reflected
the web of love that she describes so succinctly. It never ceases
to amaze me how true connections between loved ones
appear and reappear time after time.
Thank you, Robyn!

Like a spider,
setting forth
to make her way;

Strand by strand,
she weaves together
antique threads of
hope truth wisdom.

Carefully connecting
delicate fibers
of promises

She watches as
mosaic patterns
revealing small
segments of self

she knits complex

Intricate mazes
designed to capture
dreams unrealized;
tying meticulous
knots tightly,
at each cross-section.

With tenuous
twists and turns,
she spins through
tangled tales
of love;
wildly from
silken strings of

in the heart
of her mandala
she rests

Knowing that
her work
for today
is done.

by Robyn Lee

Present II

foot fingers
polished red
straight ahead
no departure
promised lands
adoring fans

Through my recovery including ten years of yoga, I’ve learned to appreciate my feet. Yes, they’re mine.
For so long, I disliked them, thought they were too big, was barely aware of how important they are—that they’re my foundation. Without them, now where would I be?
When I’m having a hard time staying present and need to relax, but have no time or energy for exercise, I flex them and stretch my toes out as far as they’ll go. Pulls me right back into myself…feels wonderful…

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