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distance kept
wood on fire
hearty ire

blond attire
tony sport
duel desire


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where’d you go
my Romeo
glimmered eye
no reason why

stolen kisses
my reminisces
left stranded
so abandoned

hijacked love
my fitted glove
standing stout
looking out
Thank you fellow blogger Penny for helping
me break my emotional block with your post this afternoon
—the winners of a challenge to write a poem on “Unrequited Love”–
that I had missed due to a weeklong absence writing here.
Although I missed the deadline for the
contest, it moved me to put these
words together with this image.
I knew there must be a reason
for all this blogging.

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first sight
swath of green
nothing more
in between

time turns
emotions fly
windows close
walls arise

divided still
peeping thru
fencing now

Setting boundaries is vital to recovery.
For me, it was a revolutionary idea and one of the most difficult
skills to learn. And once I finally did, it was even harder to maintain them,
to keep them sturdy and solid. It seems that when we adopt new behavior we go from one
extreme to the other. So initially, those boundaries were walls with no windows, no way to
look outside. As I’ve become more comfortable setting limits in old relationships as well as new,
I notice that my walls have become more like beach fencing, shielding me
yet providing lots of openings so I can see others
and others can still see me.

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Love IV

far-off eyes
waves rolling
no reprise

soul strong
still here
so long
for Susan
who passed away on June 19th
after a battle with melanoma

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Not enough
like Japan
fluttering away
to Wuhan
not true
plenty here
making do

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