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InfinityHello All!
It’s been awhile since I
have posted.  Too tell the truth,
I’ve just been enjoying the summer too much.
But here’s an image that I printed yesterday for
an art fair I will be in tomorrow .  And I want
to share its infinite joy…

Sunnyside Up

Sunny-side Up

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“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that
there was in me an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus



here I wait

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Satisfied II

When I originally posted Satisfied,
I felt that the series of three images spoke
for itself. Yet when Tarek of Cairo penned these
words oceans away, they expressed the pleasure so well
that a second edition was warranted.
Thank you Tarek!

find it
pick it
drooling juice
wanting heart

snatch it
squash it
making today
peachy tart



before you pick me
strip me bare
take notice
be aware
of the bounty
of what’s there

Two days ago my children and I tried
to go peach picking. All excited, we found our
way to the farm. When we arrived, we approached
a young man working at the stand stocked with baskets
of peaches and nectarines for sale. “We’d like to go picking,” I said.
“No picking today,” he replied with a blank stare.  Scanning the rows and rows
of peach trees surrounding us, I said “what do you mean?”
“Too much picking last weekend,” he replied,
“no more until Friday.”
Dejected, I grabbed my grandson’s hand and lead him over to a tree
filled with fruit where I took this picture. “But Grammy, why
can’t we pick them?” he asked over and over.
“”We just have to wait.” I said.
“All we can do it look.”

©Meryl Spiegel 2012–All rights reserved–No reproduction without permission


one step
then two
like man
on moon
surfing soon

Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in the sand, frozen in time.
We see where we want to go, hear it, can even smell it.
But we can’t move. We’re paralyzed by the thought
that we might make the wrong move. This
alligator reminds me that there is
no such thing. One step, the
slightest movement is

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take me


rivers appear


there’s no fear


we glide on glass


there’s no past


dreams come true


you glide with me


I with you

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there’s you
way up there
apple green
taking your time
on the scene

there’s me
way down there
already red
about to fall
on my head

This summer I planted my first
real vegetable garden, mostly of
tomatoes. It’s been so exciting to
watch the plants thrive to the point
where I had to erect a trellis to
support the long vines laden with

As I start to pick the first batch,
I notice that those lower on
the vine are ripening much earlier.
It prompted me to reflect on how
we all grow at our own pace.

Some of us are early bloomers,
willing to take risks, to step out
and make mistakes, learn from experience.
Others take longer to mature, are more
cautious, not so willing to try new things.

In relationships, it can be challenging when
we learn and grow at a different rate than
our loved ones. In recovery, it can be
lonely while we are waiting for others to
catch on and frightening to think that
perhaps, it will never happen. That
they will never join us on our journey.

I wish I had some wisdom to share on
this dilemma….but I’m at a loss here.
If anyone out there does, I’d love to
hear from you…

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How many of us are waiting for our “train” to come in?
How long have we been holding onto something hoping it will
materialize. How patient have we been with ourselves and the Universe?
These are questions I ask myself these days as I work things through,
Usually I come up with the same answer. Be patient, keep waiting.

But patience is so hard for me, I whine like a child.
When I’m done whining, I re-evaluate what it is
I’m waiting for. Is it here already and I don’t
even see it? Am I asking for the right
thing? Finally, I ask myself
How important is it?
And that’s where I
seem to find my

©Meryl Spiegel 2012–All rights reserved–No reproduction without permission


first sight
swath of green
nothing more
in between

time turns
emotions fly
windows close
walls arise

divided still
peeping thru
fencing now

Setting boundaries is vital to recovery.
For me, it was a revolutionary idea and one of the most difficult
skills to learn. And once I finally did, it was even harder to maintain them,
to keep them sturdy and solid. It seems that when we adopt new behavior we go from one
extreme to the other. So initially, those boundaries were walls with no windows, no way to
look outside. As I’ve become more comfortable setting limits in old relationships as well as new,
I notice that my walls have become more like beach fencing, shielding me
yet providing lots of openings so I can see others
and others can still see me.

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Love IX

I blend in
yet ask you
to see me

I chime in
yet ask you
to hear me

I stay in
yet ask you
to save me

I leap out
yet ask you
to love me

We all have our contradictions.
Aspects of our personality that are at odds with one another.
It’s often difficult to reconcile those parts of ourselves that don’t seem to get along;
that don’t make sense to us or those around us, especially our loved ones. That’s where
we often get in trouble. It’s difficult to accept that some things are simply just as they are,
regardless of what we think is logical. The sooner we can let go of what
we think “should be”, the sooner we can love ourselves
and others, warts and all.

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stretching high
fans of green
I’m aquatic
stand out

don’t be
I’m not Lily
nor of
the West

take a guess
rather giggle
than scream
I jest

Through recovery, I’ve learned how important it is
to have fun even when stressed. In the past, I became so fixated on solving a problem
that I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, certainly couldn’t imagine enjoying anything until the problem was solved.
It was just another way that I was paralyzed by fear. Recently, I heard this saying: “move a muscle, change a thought.”
If I could find a way to replace my negative thoughts with positive energy
like gazing at this image and writing this little ditty, perhaps I could change my course.

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 tell me

how lavender skies

stretch across

your dreams

how sadness

is soothed

by grape and

raspberry streams

how beach plums

turn white


just before


talk to me

whisper clear

your visions

your hopes

let me hear

©Meryl Spiegel 2012–All rights reserved–No reproduction without permission