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As the new year starts, we’ve been programmed to make resolutions
for how we plan to change our spots in the coming year.
It’s been my experience that they rarely work.
Instead I like to take stock of the areas
where I made progress in the
past year, then settle on
a few intentions:
old patterns
I’d like
to break,
or new ones
I’d like to initiate.
This gives me more latitude,
more room to rearrange those spots
rather than expect them to change completely.

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where’d you go
my Romeo
glimmered eye
no reason why

stolen kisses
my reminisces
left stranded
so abandoned

hijacked love
my fitted glove
standing stout
looking out
Thank you fellow blogger Penny for helping
me break my emotional block with your post this afternoon
—the winners of a challenge to write a poem on “Unrequited Love”–
that I had missed due to a weeklong absence writing here.
Although I missed the deadline for the
contest, it moved me to put these
words together with this image.
I knew there must be a reason
for all this blogging.

©Meryl Spiegel 2012–All rights reserved–No reproduction without permission


one step
then two
like man
on moon
surfing soon

Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in the sand, frozen in time.
We see where we want to go, hear it, can even smell it.
But we can’t move. We’re paralyzed by the thought
that we might make the wrong move. This
alligator reminds me that there is
no such thing. One step, the
slightest movement is

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of coal




of old





so little

we know

©Meryl Spiegel 2012–All rights reserved–No reproduction without permission

In these uncertain times, it helps to remember
that I’m just one speck of sand in the ocean–the vast ebb and flow.
That my life–so large to me– is microscopic in the scheme of things. However
that my contribution, no matter how small, is vital to that big picture. That without it,
the world would be just a tad different. That I’m just as I should be at this moment in time.
That I am enough just as I am.


pink sand
no cares
silver sheen
emerald green
jet stream

When I’m stressed or overwhelmed,
I often find relief by escaping into my imagery
with wordplay. In the weeks since I started this blog last spring,
my short verses have become even shorter—more and more like
word association than poetry.With this post, it seems I’ve likened this
wordplay to “streaming” —the data transfer that takes place when radio stations
broadcast via the Internet.  Or is it just verbal dreaming?
I’m not quite sure but it seems to make
some kind of imaginary sense.

©Meryl Spiegel 2012–All rights reserved–No reproduction without permission


slight shift
some space
bond broken
or just adrift

can’t detect
your neglect
or my nagging

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