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Peace is available if we choose it.
In spite of chaos and unsolved problems
around us, all is well.
Melody Beattie

PeaceHere is my third post of my new Dream
series that I’ve discovered this winter. This morning
I woke up excited to teach a yoga class for my instructor
who asks me on occasion. Ready to go, I hopped in my car but alas,
the battery was dead; there was no way I could get there so I had to cancel.
For a few hours, I fought the anxiety that creeps in when things don’t
work out or are out of my control. Then I remembered this
quote from a passage called Peace that I read this
morning in my daily reader.

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worn or ruined
windows detailed
tasks reframed
piece by

In the midst of a crisis,
it’s often overwhelming and painful to look at the
whole picture. After reading story after story of all the suffering wrought
by the hurricane and seeing image after image of the devastated coastline including the
Jersey shore where I grew up, I found some solace in gazing at this image taken years ago.
I’ve learned that focusing on one piece at a time, brings me back to earth, to the present
moment, allows me to see the beauty in each detail surrounding me,
no matter how worn or ruined. Interesting that detail also refers
‘special duty’ since this approach moves me
forward to tackle one small task at a
time–much more peaceful
than trying to solve
the whole problem
at once…

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golden rods
long legs
bare wood
my eyes
my mind