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locket of ice
quiet mice
legwork done
nowhere to run

mercury dips
lay down whip
clocks unwind
miracles divine

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mother of pearl
lollipops careen
tie-dyed curls
In memory of those tragically lost in Newtown, Connecticut


angles too
life would

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“I don’t seek, I find.”
Serpent 1These are wise words from someone
who taught me a great deal about photography.
When I first heard them, I was confounded. How can I find if I don’t seek?
Yet as time passes, I find that when I’m searching for something,
anything—my keys, the perfect gift, a new friend—
it eludes me, doesn’t appear until I stop looking.
Here’s a fossil in the sand that I discovered
through my lens one cold day when
I least expected it…

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blanket of gray
last November day
afternoon revised
four o’clock



Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
for so many reasons. First of all it is inclusive…
everyone can celebrate together.  Second, there is no gift giving, therefore,
no shopping and no money wasted on gifts that people return anyway.
Third of all, the food is yummy, all except the turkey which tends to
be dry no matter what recipe you decide to use.
So even if you don’t live here in America
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


One of the benefits of all this blogging
is the feedback received on my work. Last week
I responded to a generous offer of a Picture Critique by Otto of
Munchows Creative Photo Blog.  In response I submitted my latest Phantom.
I knew that the background was too busy, but didn’t know quite how to improve it.
Within a few days, I had the answer. Otto simply suggested that I darken it so it almost appears
like night and increase the contrast in the foreground. Here’s the result…
Let me know what you think.
Thank you Otto!

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Hanging On

As the last maple leaves flutter to the ground,
there are always a few hanging on till the end for dear life.
As I look at this image, my heart goes out all those who lost their homes
and livelihoods in the recent hurricane. While many are indeed holding on,
I’m awed by the strength of the human spirit, somehow galvanized
in the face of great challenges brought on by this catastrophe.
I’m also hopeful that it’s a wake-up call for politicians and
the business community to start taking
climate change seriously.

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to find you
here in tact
rivers add
don’t subtract

it’s not
your final act
moving on
forward track

I prepared this post with obvious reference
to the hurricane that miraculously caused no major
damage to my beloved beach. On Sunday when access
was permitted for the first time since the storm, I was expecting
the shore to be largely eroded. Therefore, it was
a surprise to find it mainly in tact.

On this day after the election, it seems that
this post also applies to last night’s Obama win. I had been
bracing for an upset, loss of hope and change so desperately needed
here in America. Again I was pleasantly surprised!

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worn or ruined
windows detailed
tasks reframed
piece by

In the midst of a crisis,
it’s often overwhelming and painful to look at the
whole picture. After reading story after story of all the suffering wrought
by the hurricane and seeing image after image of the devastated coastline including the
Jersey shore where I grew up, I found some solace in gazing at this image taken years ago.
I’ve learned that focusing on one piece at a time, brings me back to earth, to the present
moment, allows me to see the beauty in each detail surrounding me,
no matter how worn or ruined. Interesting that detail also refers
‘special duty’ since this approach moves me
forward to tackle one small task at a
time–much more peaceful
than trying to solve
the whole problem
at once…

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I try not to use this as a forum for
my personal life, but I couldn’t resist
in this instance. In the aftermath of the
hurricane, with all the dismal news of wreckage
and destruction, I received this image via email of
me and my grandson, whom I took as my date to the
bat mitzvah of my neighbor’s daughter. When I saw the
picture, all I could think of is how blessed and grateful I am.
I know it’s a cliche, but sometimes it takes a catastrophe to
see and appreciate all that we have..

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oh so clear
not a trace
What a difference a day makes.
At 8 am the morning after Sandy,
the sun was shining so bright it set these
plumes on fire. One would never know what
nature had wreaked the night before. My prayers
go out to all those suffering from the havoc of the hurricane.
And I thank my lucky stars that my family and home were spared.

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High Noon

Here’s an update at noon…not so bad so far…
This is the town launch to the bay, one block south and east
from my home. Will be evacuating to my daughter’s
house a few miles inland in a few hours…
Thank you all for your concern!!!


black meets blue

faith flutters
melts thru

turns to butter
sticks too

As the branches start to sway outside
my window and I wonder if I will be evacuated
due to the approaching “Frankenstorm”,  all I can
do is have faith.  Faith that the full moon won’t push
the tide up my street; faith that I’ve taken enough precautions
to safeguard my belongings; faith that we won’t be without power for possibly
up to 10 days. But most of all faith that whatever happens, we’ll be okay.

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With Hurricane Sandy heading toward us,
I’m thinking about light, not the outdoor light
illuminating my images. I’m thinking about the energy
I cook and read by. Is the power likely to go out? Should I run out
and buy some candles. Too bad I can’t just convert all the leaves
flaming outdoors into the energy I might need indoors.
That would be the ultimate in sustainability.
That would be ideal…

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come close
studied eye
progress slowly
tweedy pie

Sometimes it feels like we’re just  jogging around
in circles, not really getting anywhere.  That’s when it’s time
to stop and take a look at what’s right in front of us. That’s when
we need to consider where we’ve been versus where we are right now.
That’s when it’s time to  recite, Progress not Perfection.  When I visited a
community garden yesterday and looked up and saw this big, old pod
staring back at me, I remembered what a wise woman once
told me, “the only change I believe in is slow.”

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life support
golden spine
tree of strife
never whines

braves the wind
frames the soul
sways with me
as we roll

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Serenity IV

No matter how long I live near the
water, I still need to remind myself that even in
the off-season, when the temperature starts to dip, I
can jump in my car and in ten minutes I’ll
be where the water meets the sky,
where there’s some serenity
for me and plenty
for you too…

To see other images in this series go to
Serenity Series

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a leap
I seek

Courage, so elusive, so hard
to find and then sustain. Sometimes,
it seems that it’s just within reach, but then
suddenly snatched away. And just as deftly, it can
surprise us by reappearing and lodging somewhere
deep inside.  All those little steps, each so tiresome,
do finally amount to more than their sum
and can catapult us up to the top—
where we can finally lookout,
see where we’ve been,
know where we are…

ps. yes, this was taken at the Grand Canyon

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Love XI

last bloom
harvest moon
autumn days
purple rays
from above
bunch of

visit Love to see all in this series

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cropping up 
like lettuce in
stubble on
grass that
needs a
same old
game of
what went
how to
beach that

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All rights reserved
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Anger is one of those taboo subjects.
The enemy that most of us have difficulty discussing
without raising our voices. Perhaps our most powerful emotion,
we’ll do anything to avoid talking about it. Quite the conundrum since
repressed anger— anger turned inward—usually results in depression.
So how and where do you release your anger safely?
Do you punch your pillow,  write in your journal,
vent to a friend,  attend a support group?
I’d love to hear from you!


golden rods
long legs
bare wood
my eyes
my mind

Girl Power

we worship
the water
the sun
life on
four girls
olive eyes
bronze skin
bouncing curls
from the east

There’s nothing like bonding with
a girlfriend. Here’s me and Robyn Lee
hanging out on a bench with some lily pads.
Yep, we go way back… when our girls were
romping (sometimes butt naked ) on the beach.
We met at a day care center… new moms and
newcomers in this breathtaking yet lonely
place…both looking for a friend.
Then life and illness got in the way.
We had rarely spoken or seen one another
for years and years until Robyn came over for tea to
celebrate my birthday this past March. That day she shared
how she had discovered photography via her new blog—
Through The Healing Lens—how it was helping her
reconnect with the world after being isolated due
to her medical challenges and chronic pain.
Ironic, since I’m a photographer yet it wasn’t until
that moment that I realized that my craft had also been
helping me cope and recover–from post-traumatic stress–
in my case, since the moment I picked up a camera.
Although our pain manifests in different ways, we realized
we continue to travel on parallel paths. Hence. the
creation of Recovery Thru My Lens
and this collaborative post
with image by Robyn
and words by me,

©Meryl Spiegel 2012–All rights reserved–No reproduction without permission