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Girl Power

we worship
the water
the sun
life on
four girls
olive eyes
bronze skin
bouncing curls
from the east

There’s nothing like bonding with
a girlfriend. Here’s me and Robyn Lee
hanging out on a bench with some lily pads.
Yep, we go way back… when our girls were
romping (sometimes butt naked ) on the beach.
We met at a day care center… new moms and
newcomers in this breathtaking yet lonely
place…both looking for a friend.
Then life and illness got in the way.
We had rarely spoken or seen one another
for years and years until Robyn came over for tea to
celebrate my birthday this past March. That day she shared
how she had discovered photography via her new blog—
Through The Healing Lens—how it was helping her
reconnect with the world after being isolated due
to her medical challenges and chronic pain.
Ironic, since I’m a photographer yet it wasn’t until
that moment that I realized that my craft had also been
helping me cope and recover–from post-traumatic stress–
in my case, since the moment I picked up a camera.
Although our pain manifests in different ways, we realized
we continue to travel on parallel paths. Hence. the
creation of Recovery Thru My Lens
and this collaborative post
with image by Robyn
and words by me,

©Meryl Spiegel 2012–All rights reserved–No reproduction without permission